Our values apply internally as well as in cooperation with our clients. Values act as a guideline for decisions to foster empowerment of people on all levels of a company. Our core values are…

  • Responsibility and legality
  • Openness and reliability
  • Initiative and consequence
  • Fairness and trust

Why are values important to the long term success of an organization?

Values support empowerment on any level, stimulate responsible behavior, increase collaboration and trust, internally and in customer/supplier relationships.

Values support decisions of entrepreneurs as well as managers and shop floor workers. To think about core values and how they influence social and professional behavior fosters personal growth.

Value based management supports a holistic view of the organization and its environment. Individual, social and ecologic needs and requirements can be balanced using value systems. Natural and human resources will not be wasted to make products nobody needs. Profits will be made more responsibly. It may sound idealistic, but it is our strong belief that this will be a prerequisite to long term success of any organization in the future.